We are pleased to announce RESONANCE MATERIALS Project -Sensory -at Milano Design Week2019, a collaborative exhibition by WOW! Lab and GEIDAI FACTORY LAB from 9 to 14 April 2019.


The collaborative project started in 2017 as a joint research programto explore the creation of “wow moments” through the production of works and places that help people have “experiences” and discover “materials,” and its first exhibition was held in Milano Design Week2018 under the theme of “Synergy of Materials” as a place to demonstrate and share our ongoing research.

In Milano Design Week2019, we pursue the theme of “Sensory” in order to push our experiments further in the form of sensory communication. The exhibition will present a sensory interactive art-scape with six creators' objects, which respectively incorporate handicraft techniques into the visions of contemporary art. The exhibition space is transformed by a designer to let certain intangible phenomenatake place there, through which one can discover hidden possibilities of materials. The works are made out of familiar materials such as metal, glass, wood and ceramics, and they all offer sensory experiences that invoke compound sensations and multifaceted findings.

RESONANCE MATERIALS Projectaims at reviving our bodily sensations through encounter with materials and revisiting sensory activities related to weight, scale, touch, color, light, sound and so on, which are often alienated from our modernized life. The project also commits to the creation of places to liberate our sensibility through art -through its diversity, wit, and poetic moments. We endeavor to investigate the emergence of wow moments in such places and pursue the values of sensibility and sensations that would help us live humanely toward our future.


Title: RESONANCE MATERIALS Project -Sensory-
Date: April9th(Tue) –April14th(Sat),2019
Opening: Time/ 9:00 -19:30 (currently tentative, TBD)
Venue: Spazio Rossana Orlandi
Adress: Via Matteo Bandello, 14/16, 20123 Milan

Organized by: GEIDAI FACTORY LAB, WOW! Lab
Supported by: Tokyo University of the Arts, MURAYAMA INC., Muraq Inq.

Exhibitors: Natsumi COMOTO, Takako KOZUKA, Chiaki SUZUKI, Erika TADA, Ko TANAKA, Claire FUJITA, Mami AKAZAWA

Website: https://www.rmproject.jp/index_en.html