The collaborated project, RESONANCE MATERIALS Project (GEIDAI FACTORY LAB, Tokyo University of the Arts / WOW! Lab, MURAYAMA Inc.) is now exhibit in DESIGNART TOKYO 2021. Two artist, Yohei Chimura and Hitomi Usui will exhibit their artwork with the theme of “Invisibility -Attempt to Exist-”.

In Milan Design Week 2018, our first exhibition, we focused on physically experiencing the materials. And in Milan Design Week 2019, our secondary exhibition, we focused on the perception beyond the actual feeling. In our latest exhibition RESONANCE MATERIALS Project 2021, we arrange the artworks with the theme of "Invisibility", which aims to expand recognition and communication with an actual sense as the core. Please experience and see what you will find from our project at DESIGNART TOKYO 2021.

[Event Detail]

 Title  RESONANCE MATERIALS Project 2021 "Invisibility - Attempt to Exist"
 Venue  DESIGNART TOKYO 2021 / Ars Gallery Omotesando (5-13-1, Jingumae, Shibuya-Ku, Tokyo)
 Date  October 22 - 31, 2021, 11:00am - 7:00pm / Admission Free
 Organizer  GEIDAI FACTORY LAB (Tokyo University of the Arts)
 Corporation  WOW! Lab (MURAYAMA Inc.)
 Project Website  https://www.rmproject.jp/
 DESIGNART TOKYO Website   https://designart.jp/designarttokyo2021/exhibitions/188/ 


RESONANCE MATERIALS Project is a joint project launched in 2018 by GEIDAI FACTORY LAB, Tokyo University of the Arts and WOW! Lab, MURAYAMA Inc. Since launching this experimental collaboration, we have been creating the artworks and expressions that generate or evoke the viewer's physical actions and experiences. It is an attempt to convey the feel of the material from the artist to the viewer through the artwork. And we scoop up the emotion that appear in the exhibition and ask how the way of communication should be in the future.